Your opinions are important to us. By filling in the information below, you can become a member of our online panel and participate in research projects for which you will be rewarded for your participation.
In specific, you will receive a message on your mobile phone (SMS) and your computer (email) whenever there is a research project available for your participation. By following a link provided in the message you will be able to open the questionnaire and complete it online, on your own. To thank you for your participation and your time, for each completed questionnaire you will be rewarded with a direct money transfer to a bank account you will designate, or if you prefer to, by donating the corresponding amount under your name to one of the charity institutions participating in our program.


The monetary reward offered for participation in each research project depends on the length of the questionnaire. The longer questionnaire, the higher the monetary reward. The transfer of the monetary reward is conducted within two working days following completion of an interview.
Participation is completely voluntary, and all responses and information provided is confidential. You can read on your rights as a participant in research projects of CYMAR under Research Participant Rights.
By continuing with the provision of your information below, you are consenting to the terms and conditions provided below. If you want to check something with respect to your enrolment in our panel, please contact our offices directly.

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