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Financial Situation

About half of Cypriots (47%) do not expect their financial situation to change within the next two years. Some 30%, however, expect things to get better, while 18% expect it to worsen.
Most Cypriots (46%) are hopeful that the country's financial situation will improve over the following two years. The incidence of expecting a worsening of economic situation in Cyprus is limited to 17%.


Standard of Living

Three out of ten households in Cyprus are facing financial difficulties that have either made it hard for them to make ends meet (17%) or that have forced them to cut back on consumption because of restraints in income/ finances (11%). The incidence of households financial issues has declined over time (it reached 45% in 2013).

Some 46% of the households have a stable income but face some restraint in expenses.

On the other hand, a quarter of households sustain a good standard of living. More specifically, 21% enjoy a good standard of living not being deprived of anything, while 5% lives a comfortable life that allows for unplanned purchases, expenses and entertainment.  



About 34% of Cypriots would prefer to relocate to a different country if they had the opportunity to do so. Willingness to move and live abroad is closely associated with age, with younger people showing a higher inclination to move out of Cyprus.

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