CYMAR Quantitative Research

CYMAR Market Research Ltd. offers the following types of primary level quantitative studies:

Ad Hoc studies, designed and undertaken according to clients' requirements:
  • Market penetration studies
  • Habits and attitude studies
  • Business image/ Brand Equity studies
  • Concept/ Product/ Service testing
  • Customer/ Personnel satisfaction studies
  • Service quality projects 
  • Customer segmentation
Advertising studies:
  • Pre-test of advertisements
  • Day after recall surveys
  • Advertising effectiveness studies
Opinion polls:
  • Surveys on socioeconomic issues
  • Image of politicians and political parties
  • Voting intentions
Mystery shopper projects

The research methodologies used depend on the nature of the study and the time frame within which the project must be completed.

Sample selection is provisional of the study's objectives and depends on the population target group. CYMAR has its own software packages for random sample selection from predefined sampling frames and RDD for telephone studies. 

Interviewing for quantitative projects is conducted through CAPI (Computer Aided Personal interviewing) and CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing).

The use of the latest statistical software packages allows CYMAR to provide its customers with in-depth analysis of results. We go well beyond basic tabulations and significance testing, and we employ a number of statistical methods to provide complete solutions to our clients. 

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